MIB is advancing multimodal technology

The MIB consortium is constantly advancing the frontiers of imaging technology – OCT, MSOT, SERDS and MPM – and of course their combination in multimodal imaging as well as the integration into common endoscopic devices. This can be seen in an amazing publication record, counting to date more than 20 scientific publications which have been published in the framework of MIB. In addition, researchers and engineers of MIB partners presented their novel findings at numerous scientific conferences, such as SPIE Photonics West or the EPIC meeting on Medical Lasers and Biophotonics. The consortium also engaged in training of the new generation of scientists and engineers, for instance, at the DoKDoK-conference for doctoral (PhD) students in all areas of Optics and Photonics or at University lectures. There is much more to come from MIB! So stay excited and stay tuned.

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