Members of the EU Project MIB were invited by EU project ESOTRAC ( to a joint working dinner on May 15, 2019 in Copenhagen. Under the headline „ESOTRAC meets MIB: fostering collaborations“ participants of both projects met in a charming environment and engaged into deep technical and professional discussions. After the dinner the group took a long walk through the ancient city center of Copenhagen and continued chatting and networking. ESOTRAC‘s aims and approaches are closely related to those of MIB, as they develop a hybrid photonic endoscope combining multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) for early detection of esophageal cancer.

Read here what participants say about the event:

Fabian Placzek, PhD student at the Medical University of Vienna (- MIB): „The joint dinner between ESOTRAC and the MIB-EU project brought me closer to the consortium members within the MIB project and opened new contacts with ESOTRAC partners. In addition to fruitful discussions and delicious food, we have solved existing scientific problems together. It shows that it is beneficial for everyone to bring together people from all over Europe to learn different approaches and broaden their horizons – science and intra-cultural wise.“

Guillaume Pierre, CEO and founder of SONAXIS SA (- ESOTRAC): „I did really appreciate this Copenhagen dinner and the opportunity to meet with MIB partners, in particular with Grintech. Their know-how could have some inputs with our opto-acoustic products.“

Bernhard Messerschmidt, CTO and founder of GRINTECH GmbH (- MIB): „It was a pleasure, to meet the consortium members of the Esotrac project in Copenhagen in mid May. Thanks so much for organizing this dinner! I enjoyed the new contacts I made to several researchers and the companies Sonaxis and Rayfos and building up a growing network. I learned about new approaches and different technologies we have not been involved so far. I wish the Esotrac consortium a great success!”